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Aura-Soma Equilibrium




The Equilibrium bottles work to restore well being on all levels. They are dual coloured and can be applied as a massage oil to help rebalance through the chakra system. They contain essential oils in a carrier oil which floats on herbal extracts in a water base. The energies of crystals and gems are also contained which relate to the colour in the bottle. Your choice of bottle is a mirror of who you are at a deep level and applying the contents of the bottle to the body brings about harmony and balance to your aura and energy centers.

There are 72 bottles that correspond with the 72 angels and more that correspond with the Archangels. Using the bottles that correspond with your individual angels whilst invoking their name, helps you to embody the positive qualities of the angels and the colours.  You can also choose to work with one of the Archangels to connect more closely with their energy and of the colours that are connected to them.  If you wish to work closely with your angels you may like to use the charts on this website to find your angels and their corresponding bottles

You may like to have a consultation where you will be asked to choose 4 bottles and, with the gentle guidance of a consultant, will discover how the bottles are relevant for you at this time and the positive energies you have chosen to work with.  You will discover how your angels are connecting with you and helping you to develop. The consultant will recommend products from your colour choice so that you can support yourself energetically after the consultation.  The products have been found to be transformative, supportive, positive, and life changing with clients reporting more confidence, inner peace, better relationships and a greater sense of well being.

How to Use:   

To release Equilibrium’s energies, shake the bottle vigorously in your left hand until the two liquid fractions mix together. Pour some of the liquid into your right palm and rub it on your skin in the band(s) around your body that correspond to the colour(s) in your Bottle. The level of the band is indicated on the rainbow figure below. Ideal to use morning and night or as you feel appropriate.