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A Year with the 72 Incarnational Angels


Transform your life with angelic energies

Come closer to your true essence

Attract greater joy and abundance into your life

Increase inspiration and creativity


This introduction is being offered on Facebook and Instagram to enable as many people as possible to interact with, and benefit from a connection with the 72 Angels. They have changed my life for the better and I hope they will yours. (Follow 72 Angels of Colour and Light on Facebook or 72Angelsessence on Instagram)

I hope that if you choose to follow this year with 72 Incarnational Angels you might find that life becomes a little easier, more joy filled, and more peaceful. I invite you to join me on a year long journey of light, love and colour.


The teachings come originally from a system of Kabbalah developed by Isaac the Blind. I discovered the 72 Angels through the Aura-Soma Colour System* and a course that is offered by the Aura-Soma Academy. I am posting the cycle of  the 72 angels on Facebook and Instagram so that you too can enjoy the colour, light and angelic frequencies.

In the system of the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah** there are 72 angels that cycle through the year. The ones that are closest at our time of birth are those that will guide us through this lifetime. We can call on the angels at anytime for guidance or support in our lives, and benefit from the higher frequencies that these angels vibrate at.

All matter is energy vibrating so as we invoke the higher energies of the angels into our lives we can activate light codes within ourselves to help us to develop what we call our light body. When we are connected with our light body we can more easily access higher qualities within ourselves and attract more joy, fun and lightness into our lives.

The 72 Angels each carry a different divine quality and, as we connect with an angel, we have the possibility of finding that quality within ourselves. We can call on any of the 72 Angels but their energy is strongest during the time of their guiding cycle. 


How it works.

At the moment of birth we have 3 angels that are connected to us based on the date and time we come into the world.  Before we decided to take on this incarnation we were guided by higher beings of light as to what we might like to experience in this lifetime. We chose the time we wished to come into the world based on the energies at that time. We attracted our angels and they attracted us.

The 3 angels are the Incarnational/ Guardian Angel, supporting our physical existence, the Heart angel supporting our emotional aspect and the Intellect angel supporting our thought processes. Each has a different cycle so at anytime there will be one of each of these angels that is closest and whose influence is then strongest.

The Incarnational/Guardian Angels are usually the easiest for us to connect with as they are closest to the physical world. They could be said to be a higher aspect of ourselves, always there to be called on for guidance and support, to enhance our lives and encourage our personal growth, so that we can bring more of our potential into the every day.

During the angelic year, from 21st March 2020 to 20th March 2021, we will be invoking the Incarnational Angels as each moves into its guardianship for around 5 days. I will post each day the name of the angel that we are working with, the phonetic pronunciation, the principal quality, some information about the angelic qualities, and the corresponding Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle. Working with each angel for 5 days really helps us to integrate their higher qualities into our being and into our lives.

Daily Practice

Invoking the angel by name. 

The angel’s name can be repeated 3 times to invoke the energy of the angel, or you can repeat for 3 cycles of 3. This can be done either out loud or silently within. It can be helpful to really feel the resonance of the sounds moving through your body. I find that closing my eyes enhances this experience, I then spending some quiet time connecting with the energy.  You can repeat this as many times as you like during the day.

Meditating on the qualities


Each angel will bring different divine qualities into your life. These are qualities that we can aspire to and develop. Connecting with the words I have written for each of the angels may aid the understanding of the qualities and help with the integration. You might like to keep a journal so that you can reflect on the relevance of the qualities for you, and to record any messages or inspirations you receive while working with the angels. 

Creating and recording in a journal

Creating a journal or diary can be a wonderful experience. You can go large or small, make your own or buy a ready made one. Add your own pictures or cut them out of magazines, write words, draw or colour. It is just for you so do whatever makes your heart sing. 

Connecting with colours

The Aura-Soma Colour System is a system based on colour and light. The products that comprise the system are the most transformative I have found. There are currently 118 dual-coloured bottles in the system that are called Equilibrium. They contain crystal, plant and colour energies to promote wellbeing on all levels. 72 of these bottles have been connected to the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah. I will include a picture of the corresponding bottle for you to see the colours, which can then be visualised around you throughout the day.  

Sacred space

It can be helpful when working with the angels to create a Sacred Space. This doesn’t have to be a large space.  It will be somewhere you go to connect with the angels and build a calm space away from the distractions of the material world. If you like you can build a small (or large) altar on which to place items that lift your energy such as crystals and a candle. If you have a set of the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles, you might like to add the one that corresponds with the Incarnational angel we are working with. 

I recommend that before the 21sr March you prepare your sacred space and get your journal ready. 

The important thing is to have fun and enjoy – 

‘angels can fly because they take themselves lightly’


*To find out more about the Aura-Soma Colour System please visit our UK distributor site www.11essence.co.uk or visit the Aura-Soma© website  www.aura-soma.com

**please visit www.72angelsessence.co.uk for the history of the system and to find your 3 personal angels